PVRIS spraying Homosexual Chemtrails during concert on unsuspecting fans


Propelled by Obama’s landmark decision to disrespect America’s Christian heritage by allowing gay marriage, Pvris’s outspoken lesbian front woman Lyndsey Gunnulfsen is now seducing straight teenage fans into her lifestyle. All this, despite flat out admitting to the BBC that Lyndsey “never got the impression that being gay is “OK”.

The CDC confirms that since 2015, there has been a drastic 1.3% increase in the amount of PVRIS fans confirming their homosexuality. Even more troubling there is now an estimated 63% of Warped Tour attendee’s suspected to be secretive or agnostic by their homosexuality.

While the link between homosexuality and bio-engineering via chemtrails is well established in the scientific community, the phenomenon of spraying airborne chemicals known to induce homosexual tendencies during concerts is a tactic unique to the band PVRIS, and their Jewish co-conspirator booking agent, Dave Shapiro. Shapiro used his powerful Jewish ties to create this potent new form of biological homosexual chemtrail. This new aerosol chemtrail contains a higher concentration of gay endorphin. Shapiro was last seen circling South By Southwest in his biplane, spraying these advanced biological chemtrail weapons. The promotion of homosexuality via chemtrails is part of the larger NWO global conspiracy to spread the deadly AIDS virus and depopulate the earth.

The White House is illuminated in rainbow colors after today's historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in Washington June 26, 2015.    REUTERS/Gary Cameron

With the White House covered in the ROYGBIV secret code that gays identify as sin friendly, left-wing liberals boldly broadcast their intent to make straight teenagers enamored by musicians sexuality so they would be more susceptible to the gay agenda.

If you child plans to attend a PVRIS concert, beware, for Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, and the gays will be out preying on those who have inhaled the mist from their smoke machines laced with homosexual chemtrail. The smoke machines are said to be used more often in the bible belt with higher per capita rates of Christianity. PVRIS makes no secret of using homosexual chemtrails at their shows if you simply look at their lyrics, with lines like “lets get covered in flames and play some games with the smoke.” Flaming is a code word associated with flamboyant homosexuality, and playing games with the smoke is a blatant way of laughing in the faces of unsuspecting straight fans who don’t know what they are inhaling.

The alteration of brain chemistry is swift and powerful, so teenagers who are seduced will be so confused by all of their new emotions and lust, that they will give into the gay agenda almost immediately.  The buddy-system should be used, where no straight child is left alone this Warped Tour season, so that Lyndsey Gunnulfsen cannot take this opportunity to commit abominable acts of hedonism on their bodies as the amount of chemtrail in the air drastically increases with each song played, via the smoke machines on the stage. It is also rumored that their merchandise has been pre-washed in a chemical bath, spreading these chemtrails long after the concert is over, to the Christian nuclear family. It should be noted that the front woman also goes by Lynn Gvnn, so don’t be fooled by her attempts to covertly influence your children’s sexuality.

Stay safe out there.


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