Pokemon-Go! part of global agenda to spread chemtrails and depopulate earth


As many are not already aware, “chemtrail” is a colloquial term used to describe the persistent condensation trails, laden with chemicals, observed coming from aircraft that result in the formation of artificial cloud patterns and weather. Their existence has been almost universally written off as “conspiracy theory” by the media despite hard evidence that the weather is being manipulated with aerosols. State run propaganda machines would have us believe that toxic chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere are designed to save us from global warming. But, the truth is, chemtrails actually cause global warming by preventing the earth from naturally cooling itself at night. Now, the toxic chemicals are being focused mainly around Poke-Stops and Pokemon in game characters in a grand scheme by the powers that be to depopulate the earth via forced sterilization.

Several sky watchers throughout the world have had residue samples analyzed after collecting them near Poke-Stops. They have all come up with an excessive amount of barium and aluminum. Barium is more toxic than lead and was sprayed during World War I to weaken the enemy on the ground. Aluminum is a toxin that leads to dementia and neurological diseases. The lungs enable aluminum and barium absorption into our blood stream, accumulating in the heart and brain. These chemicals are being sprayed excessively near Poke-stops to infect our children. In high enough concentrations, these chemicals cause sterility and autism so the next generation can’t reproduce in an effort to depopulate the earth.

A new study, by San Diego Physicist J. Marvin Herndon, was initiated after he witnessed Poke-Stops in his area being sprayed daily by an unidentified aerosol:

“In the summer of 2016, the author began to notice tanker-jets quite often producing white trails across the cloudless blue sky strategically over Poke-Stops in California, forming cirrus-like clouds that further diffuse to form a white haze that scattered sunlight, often dimming the sun. Aerosol spraying was occasionally so intense as to make the otherwise cloudless blue sky overcast, some areas of sky turning brownish. Sometimes the navigation lights of the tanker-jets were visible as they worked at night, their trails obscuring the stars overhead; by dawn the normally clear-blue morning sky already had a milky white haze. Regardless, aerosol spraying of Poke-Stops continued throughout the day.”

Plenty of methods have been used in the past to drastically reduce the earths population, such as nuclear, chemical and biological agents, weapons and warfare, poisoning and contamination of the planet’s food and water supplies, deadly pharmaceutical drugs in society, cancer, weather modification and triggering of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis through electromagnetic psychotronic weapons both on Earth and in space, the promotion of homosexuality to limit population growth and spread the deadly AIDS virus, forced sterilization in countries such as China, forced vaccinations, abortion, euthanasia. But this time they are targeting our children, with a more precise form of depopulation by concentrating dangerous chemicals to a local area rather than wasting time spraying the entire sky. They are using a game that millions of children play everyday as a GPS beacon, right under our noses, herding them RIGHT TO THE SOURCE!

One Michigan family are suing Pokemon Go! for putting a Pokestop right on their lawn, and the subsequent daily spraying of chemtrails that come along with the stop. The couple stated “We don’t feel safe.” The lawsuit, filed in federal court in California, seeks to stop Pokemon from designating GPS coordinates on or near private properties without an owner’s permission.

We strongly suggest you do not let your children play Pokemon Go, and instead utilize the game as a map to steer clear of all Poke-Stops and avoid all Pokemon characters.  The groundbreaking study by Dr. Herndon shows that this is where the dangerous chemicals are being concentrated!  The world’s elite have harnessed social media and gaming industries to create a super ‘bioweapon’, causing a global ‘kill-off’ pandemic to depopulate at least 4-5 billion people from the Earth.


Read more at The Population Control Agenda: http://www.radioliberty.com/pca.htm


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