Jeffree Star tells ex-Slaves drummer to commit suicide

Youtuber Jeffree Star has found himself amidst controversy this week after celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D announced the end of their friendship, accusing him of stealing artwork from Detroit-based artist BJ Betts.  Von D spoke calmly and rationally throughout the 14 minute tell-all video, sharing stories of how she’s watched him bully fans, smaller brands, and even herself. She went on to explain that she set Star up with Betts to design artwork and packaging for his makeup brand, and that not only did Star use Betts’s artwork without giving him credit, but he didn’t even pay him. “BJ would call him and Jeffree blocked his phone,” she said. In the mean time Star has been galavanting around, showing off his expensive cars.

The vlogger is now finding himself in more hot water after telling Tai Wright (ex – Slaves, D.R.U.G.S. drummer) to ‘kill himself’ on Twitter, see below.

jeffree star

We reached out to Jeffree Star but he declined comments stating “I will be recording my own video with the truth”. It is unclear what motivated Star’s tweet at this time.

Let us know what you think about Jeffree’s recent behavior in the comments below!


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