Exotype use LGBT tragedy as last-ditch effort for attention; Mike Ziemer, others speak out



After being dropped from Rise Records (BMG) following lack of sales on their debut album, despite being in front of Rise’s massive fan base, having a dream team of managers, booking agents, and heavyweight producer Joey Sturgis in their corner, Numetal-Electronic band Exotype have made a questionable, last-ditch effort to garner attention.

Last week, they released a video for ‘Stand Up’ and dedicated it to the victims of the Orlando shooting at Pulse Nightclub. This was approximately two years after the song was initially released. But now Exotype are being accused of making said video in hopes it would appeal to emotions and turn into a viral sensation, bringing attention to a different single they just released, today, which presumably isn’t affiliated with Rise. But sources are noting that there is no donation link, no claim that the proceeds from the (now-private) video’s ad revenue will go to the families of those directly affected by the tragedy, and no real correlation between the lyrics of ‘Stand Up’ and the recent atrocity at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida. In light of this, Rise Records chose not to promote the video, which the band publicly condemned them for.

The band is also accusing Rise Records of a litany of other things, including ‘being controlling’ and ‘abandoning them’, but as this story unfolds, it seems a much more likely story of a band not wanting to admit their own shortcomings and looking for a scapegoat. Today, Mike Ziemer and others have spoken out in support of Rise Records, and even Alternative Press have since removed their original post sharing the video, it is now a dead link. Rise Records withdrew the video from their youtube channel, additionally.

Read Mike Ziemer’s statement below:

ziemerziemer 2

Craig Ericson himself, CEO of Rise, also makes it crystal clear to the band: 

craig ericson

Artery Recording’s President Shan Dan Horan also chimed in:

shan dan

And Google fills in the rest of the story: 

google images

So instead of jumping on the label-hating bandwagon with a majority of people who don’t understand the inner workings of the music industry, think of it like this.  You can’t blame a company for not continuing to push a product that just isn’t recouping their investment, especially one not receptive to critiques and self-improvement. I’m all for bands having individuality and control over their art and music, but when a 20 million dollar company is telling you things like ‘your logo is literally copying two other EDM artist logos, and can be found as a standardized font on Google Images’, you should probably take heed and choose your battles wisely. Arguing does little more than damage business relationships, leading to withdrawal of support and lack of tours. So kids, the moral of the story is,  if Exotype would have used a humbler approach, perhaps Rise might have had the heart to give them a second shot, despite their album sales.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds, it’s business 101.





Update at 3pm EST:   After coming under fire, the band quickly added a Go-Fund-Me link supporting the victims of the Orlando shootings:

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.43.11 PM.png



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