Danny Worsnop mistaken for homeless man, denied entry into LA club

danny homeless

Los Angeles, California

After several unsuccessful attempts at gaining admittance, Danny Worsnop was denied entry into The Rainbow on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood this past Saturday evening.  Sources cite he was mistaken by the club’s bouncers for an irate homeless individual who frequently visits the area.  Worsnop was physically removed by the club’s security guards after an alleged heated altercation. He was overheard shouting “Do you even know who I am?, I’m the new king of rock and roll, motherfucker!” and “This is the only job that gives me free drugs”.  The F-list celeb appeared to be inebriated and was apprehended by the LAPD shortly thereafter for wielding a small pocketknife around, (pictured above) apparently alarming his Uber driver.  Onlookers cited he was “making outlandish claims about being a famous rock star and telling the officers ‘I play full stadiums you asshole’ “.

It is unclear whether Worsnop will still embark on his 2016 solo tour. Stay tuned as this story continues to unfold.


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