Following bankruptcy, We Are Triumphant making slow recovery; partners with Terry Coughlin


San Francisco, California

Following the aftermath of a class-action lawsuit involving their video scandal in 2014, We Are Triumphant records was ordered by a federal judge to pay $2,500 in damages to Jared Dines, among others, which ultimately forced the label to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2015.

However 2016 is starting to look up for We Are Triumphant, with new signing prospects on the horizon including Miss Fortune and Slaves whom were both recently dropped from their previous labels. “I can’t give many details yet, but we are in talks with both bands. We have offered them both a lucrative verbal-only agreement” said Greg Long, owner and founder of We Are Triumphant. “We are even bringing on new staff members to help breath new life into the label including renowned band manager and A & R Terry Coughlin. Slaves and Miss Fortune are very talented bands and we are confident they would feel at home on our label. We here at WAT understand their unique marketing strategies, perhaps better than any other label out there besides Victory of course. And Terry Coughlin is well known for his extremely proactive, go-getter approach, so this will be a dream team. We are all very optimistic about the way things are heading in 2016” Long stated enthusiastically.

Stay tuned for more news as the story unfolds. You can catch Slaves on their “Us Against Artery” tour this spring.




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