Artery Recordings signs rap group headed for Grammy Nomination


Artery Recordings, a subsidiary of Sony Red, have recently signed a Russian Hip-Hop group called Wildways that some have already predicted are well on their way for a Grammy nomination next year.

The group is already being praised for their stand-out style among heavy hitters in the industry. But what sticks with you most about their brand of hip-hop is the rich, vivid narratives in the verses; characters in every song; detailed settings; complex cause-effect actions, memories, reflections over the course of their raps. Their lyrical content is as thematically important as it is skillful and memorable for the quality of the narrative itself.

Check out the song that has the whole industry talking:


As you can tell, this narrative is pulsing with more honesty than an entire stack of Kayne or Drake CDs. This group are not just musicians, they are storytellers. I became interested in their lyrics as literature, the breathtaking honesty of a narrator willing to spill his feelings about every aspect of his life…feelings that seem eerily appropriate for America in 2016. And to consider this is only the beginning of their careers.



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