Danny Worsnop mistaken for homeless man, denied entry into LA club

danny homeless

Los Angeles, California

After several unsuccessful attempts at gaining admittance, Danny Worsnop was denied entry into The Rainbow on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood this past Saturday evening.  Sources cite he was mistaken by the club’s bouncers for an irate homeless individual who frequently visits the area.  Worsnop was physically removed by the club’s security guards after an alleged heated altercation. He was overheard shouting “Do you even know who I am?, I’m the new king of rock and roll, motherfucker!” and “This is the only job that gives me free drugs”.  The F-list celeb appeared to be inebriated and was apprehended by the LAPD shortly thereafter for wielding a small pocketknife around, (pictured above) apparently alarming his Uber driver.  Onlookers cited he was “making outlandish claims about being a famous rock star and telling the officers ‘I play full stadiums you asshole’ “.

It is unclear whether Worsnop will still embark on his 2016 solo tour. Stay tuned as this story continues to unfold.


Artery Recordings signs rap group headed for Grammy Nomination


Artery Recordings, a subsidiary of Sony Red, have recently signed a Russian Hip-Hop group called Wildways that some have already predicted are well on their way for a Grammy nomination next year.

The group is already being praised for their stand-out style among heavy hitters in the industry. But what sticks with you most about their brand of hip-hop is the rich, vivid narratives in the verses; characters in every song; detailed settings; complex cause-effect actions, memories, reflections over the course of their raps. Their lyrical content is as thematically important as it is skillful and memorable for the quality of the narrative itself.

Check out the song that has the whole industry talking:


As you can tell, this narrative is pulsing with more honesty than an entire stack of Kayne or Drake CDs. This group are not just musicians, they are storytellers. I became interested in their lyrics as literature, the breathtaking honesty of a narrator willing to spill his feelings about every aspect of his life…feelings that seem eerily appropriate for America in 2016. And to consider this is only the beginning of their careers.


Following bankruptcy, We Are Triumphant making slow recovery; partners with Terry Coughlin


San Francisco, California

Following the aftermath of a class-action lawsuit involving their video scandal in 2014, We Are Triumphant records was ordered by a federal judge to pay $2,500 in damages to Jared Dines, among others, which ultimately forced the label to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2015.

However 2016 is starting to look up for We Are Triumphant, with new signing prospects on the horizon including Miss Fortune and Slaves whom were both recently dropped from their previous labels. “I can’t give many details yet, but we are in talks with both bands. We have offered them both a lucrative verbal-only agreement” said Greg Long, owner and founder of We Are Triumphant. “We are even bringing on new staff members to help breath new life into the label including renowned band manager and A & R Terry Coughlin. Slaves and Miss Fortune are very talented bands and we are confident they would feel at home on our label. We here at WAT understand their unique marketing strategies, perhaps better than any other label out there besides Victory of course. And Terry Coughlin is well known for his extremely proactive, go-getter approach, so this will be a dream team. We are all very optimistic about the way things are heading in 2016” Long stated enthusiastically.

Stay tuned for more news as the story unfolds. You can catch Slaves on their “Us Against Artery” tour this spring.



Artery Recordings Drops Slaves; Jonny Craig Hired by Apple



Sacramento, California

After releasing a controversial statement to their Facebook page blasting the label, Artery Recordings have dropped Slaves from their roster.

Thisisnotyourscene reached out to Jonny Craig, vocalist of Slaves for an exclusive statement. Craig has since decided to pursue what he considers to be his ‘true calling’, working as a MacBook sales representative at his local Apple store. “It’s unfortunate what went down with Artery and Slaves today, but I couldn’t be more thrilled about this career shift. This is where my heart lies so maybe its for the best” he said optimistically. Craig went on to say he received a call from the CEO himself, after someone in the Apple finance department heard about his nationwide DIY MacBook sales efforts.

We also contacted Apple CEO Tim Cook to comment on the recent recruitment of Craig. “These are the kind of ambitious, innovative individuals we need working at Apple, ones who understand the core fundamentals of our business model: selling Apple products no matter the cost.” He went on, “Once we heard about Craig’s miraculous ability to not only effectively market but also sell MacBooks that didn’t even exist, we knew this remarkable gift combined with our real, tangible MacBooks was a Fortune 500 company’s wet dream. If we can harness, implement and scale Jonny’s technique, it will mean nothing short of global domination. Next quarter we will be rolling out a company wide training program for Apple employees that will teach the core concepts of Jonny’s unprecedented sales discovery.”

The Word Alive to reschedule tour dates around Luke Holland’s underwear modeling career


Peoria, Arizona

Drummer and model Luke Holland will embark on his first ever cross country underwear- modeling tour for Calvin Klein this spring. He was recently offered a contract and named one of Models.com’s 50 Top Male Models. Luke Holland first started modeling when the Ford modeling agency contacted him for a contract. A young musician from Peoria, Arizona, initially known for his drum covers, Luke has since become the new face of Calvin Klein Bold Underwear and modeled for three of the brand’s campaigns in the Fall of 2015.

While Luke’s drum covers grew in popularity and undoubtedly overshadowed his band, he still managed to find time in his busy schedule to tour consistently with them. “At first I was collaborating with people like Tyler Carter, and then suddenly my channel views skyrocketed when I took my shirt off. Next thing I knew I was collaborating with artists like Ellie Goulding and Justin Bieber. That’s when I got the call from the modeling agency. It will be more difficult now that I have a full-time underwear modeling career to factor in, but the band has always been very supportive, they understand that the scope of my personal career is much bigger.”

The Word Alive has since cancelled their upcoming tour to support the new album. Sources cite their new tour dates will be announced as soon as the Ford Modeling Agency releases Luke’s runway tour schedule for Calvin Klein. Speculation is that the band will likely travel separately behind the A-list drummer, playing shows in or near the cities where his runway shows will take place.

Stay tuned for updates