Bring Me The Horizon to sell Organic, Sustainable band merch


Bring Me The Horizon to sell Eco-friendly, sustainable, organic, grass-fed, free-range, green, gender-fluid band Merch by Teagan Greer

This Is Not Your Scene had the chance to interview Bring Me The Horizon recently on their fresh approach to tour merchandising. “We decided that since we were already selling Vegan burgers, we might as well fully embrace the Vegan lifestyle” said guitarist Lee Malia.
“Our band Merch is made out of 100% sustainable materials like bamboo-hemp tweed infused with flax-seed oil and recycled buckwheat toilet paper. We even have wristbands made from algae harvested and imported from local streams in Portland, Oregon. According to the Whole Foods rating system, the algae used to make our wristbands really lived a good life. It’s really a step in the right direction for the environment. We hope more bands will follow suit. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

When questioned about the absence of a logo on the new merchandise, lead singer Oliver Sykes responded “It’s more green that way, besides, we don’t even need a logo anymore” as he took a bite of his quinoa-tofurkey sandwich out of a mason jar.

When asked why the band refrains from signing autographs they stated, ” We couldn’t bring ourselves to waste the ink and paper that contribute to global warming and the melting polar ice caps that are starving polar bears everywhere. ” He went on to further explain, “We feel so strongly about this issue that we did not even sign our recording contract and are currently engaged in a verbal-only contract with Epitaph, but they aren’t returning our phone calls.”

For more details on their Vegan Burger, see link below.


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