Falling in Reverse fills Attila’s bus with 600lbs of cocaine

atilla cocaine

In a tour prank to end all tour pranks, sources close to the band have leaked an image of Attila’s tour bus filled with over six hundred pounds of cocaine (in rock formation) by fellow tour-mates Falling in Reverse.

As Chris Fronzak had recently taken time off from Attila to be there for the birth of his second child, the band commissioned Danny Worsnop of We Are Harlot to fill in for him during several shows amidst his absence. “I just dove right in face first when I saw it” said Worsnop. “Honestly this is the best thing I’ve ever received. This will be enough cocaine to get me through the next two tours. It’s the gift that keeps on giving” he said enthusiastically.

Attila could not be reached for further comment but a video was posted to Ronnie Radke’s Instagram as seen here:




9 thoughts on “Falling in Reverse fills Attila’s bus with 600lbs of cocaine

  1. You can obviously tell from the picture that this is not cocain and if you read the real story it was packing peanuts and besides who the hell has enough money to buy 600 lbs of cocaine


  2. Ahm….. After losing former band Escape The Fate , I really don’t see Ronnie Radke who has been taking so serious about metal_punk_post-hardcore_ etc. And after releasing from prison , Has Ronnie Radke really truly deeply sincerely learned about life ?!
    Years has been passing , if those life lessons couldn’t educate Ronnie Radke’s style , then Ronnie Radke’s nature will lead him own self to the road of permanent destruction .
    In the end , Ronnie Radke shall NOT put any kinds of hatred feelings to anyone else.


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