Malformed suicide prevention sign sends wrong message to impressionable teens

fronz sign

The famous suicide prevention sign, pictured above, was created several years ago by social activist and rock music enthusiast Carlos Enrique Navarro. For those not familiar with it, the sign was created in an effort to help thwart teen self-harm and suicide rates within the hardcore scene. The sign has since been pictured with over a hundred different rock, metal, and various core artists via his instagram @thesuicidesign. Recently however, the sign was allegedly left outside and sources have stated rain smeared the ink, leaving only certain words legible. In an interesting twist of fate, the sign now infamously reads: “Suicide end chances of life getting worse. Suicide better.” This minor setback did not prevent Navarro from continuing to use the sign on his nationwide photography tour, which is now heavily under scrutiny for being his only ticket to meet famous people.

When questioned about the changes to the sign and whether he felt he was sending the wrong message to young fans, Attila’s frontman Fronz responded with “Oh, I thought they were just trying a different angle”. He said “Hey watch my youtube videos on how to get a lambo” as we tried to hand the mic to Kyle Pavone of We Came as Romans. Kyle told This Is Not Your Scene “My manager just told me to hold it and smile for the camera, I never knew what it said because the truth is, I can’t read.” Fans were also interviewed about the new version of the sign and said ” I saw Kyle holding it and figured they were probably new WCAR lyrics. WCAR is my favorite band, I know everything about them. So if Kyle is promoting lyrics on a sign, I will be getting those lyrics tattooed on my knuckles.”

date ass


Update 12/7: Navarro came under fire again for starting an internet war with YouTube personality Bryan Stars, in an attempt to regain some relevancy after his sign and subsequent ticket to fame were retired from service. Stay tuned for updates.


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