Fronzilla to launch yet another shirt with the word “Fuck” on it


Orlando, Florida

This Is Not Your Scene recently caught up with Chris Fronzak in his hometown of Orlando, Florida. “Anytime I need to get more bling,  another Ferrari, or support my girlfriend’s shopping addiction, I simply launch a shirt with the word “Fuck” on it, problem solved. It doesn’t even matter what the shirt says anymore” he emphasized. “You put “Fuck” on a tank top with bold textured white font and kids will buy it. The shirt could even be pink or even tie-dyed. It doesn’t matter. These are trade secrets” he stressed. I tried selling shirts with a picture of Capri-Sun and a hairless cat that said Dank Yoloswag and I didn’t sell a single one. I added the word “Fuck” and I sold more than 2,000 of them before noon first day of Warped Tour this year. ”

Catch Fronzilla on his upcoming solo rap tour this winter, see flyer below:



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