Relieved Danny Worsnop narrowly avoids haircut

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Relieved Danny Worsnop narrowly avoids haircut

” I finally passed out on the floor of my apartment the other night after a three day coke bender, and that’s when my girlfriend came at me with electric clippers. She refuses to be seen in public with me, and says I am ‘starting to resemble a mixture of Charles Manson, the Cowardly Lion and Joaquin Phoenix when he got really weird for a year’. But she needs to understand I am the new king of rock and roll. These rebellious bristles and locks of love aren’t going anywhere. Thankfully I woke up just in time to make my escape.”

In unrelated news, sources say Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria, Worsnop’s former band, was overheard backstage at Reading Festival saying “I hope Danny goes bald and gets a hole tattooed on top of his head so he can walk around like the dickhead he actually is.”


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