Post-Hardcore band vows to keep “true” rock and roll alive

West Hollywood, California

This Is Not Your Scene had the chance to catch up with Dahvie Danger, vocalist for post-hardcore band Of Pierced Horizons for updates on their latest tour with scenecore act CrowntheRomanMice#MitchLucker.

“No one drinks or does drugs anymore on tour” everyone is a vegan who works out each morning, takes vitamins and avoids gluten like it’s the plague. It’s depressing. I’m tired of seeing other bands eat kale-quinoa salads out of a mason jar and go for a morning jog or do yoga right next to the tour buses. What happened to the good old days of sharing heroin needles with a complete stranger, trashing hotel rooms and endless orgies with groupies? Not to mention the vast array of exotic STDs one could contract in a third world country. These were the things I yearned for back when I started my first rock band.
Now it seems like all I have to look forward to is an occasional joint, scrolling through Instagram photos of pets, drinking Red Bull or playing Xbox. It’s a complete disgrace to the legacy of rock and roll. Jim Morrison is rolling in his grave.”
The band went on to pledge that they will keep ‘true rock and roll’ alive. “We intend to be in full blown liver failure on the national transplant list by age 32. If anything, we’re worried that technology will extend our lives.”
Update 11/25: Verb the Noun were recently arrested in Prague on a three day cocaine bender after hotel staff discovered a hole between adjoining rooms made in an effort to expand their after-party, as well as throwing a mattress that was on fire off a five story building at a passerby who shouted “suck my fuck” at the act. Band couldn’t be reached for further comment.


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